Creating an antique look for your home can be done in a variety of ways through the use of color, texture, and décor. One of the most important aspects of an antique home is the windows, because they tend to stand out as the “face” of a home and therefore are one of the first things typically noticed by passersby. Luckily, you don’t have to hire a consultant or contractor in order to get the look you’re after. Modernize suggests making the following easy changes to create a unique antique look that is sure to stand out from the crowd:

Apply Some Window Film

A great way to antique your windows is to apply some window film to each one of them. Most window film comes with a tint that helps block harmful UV rays from entering your home and fading your walls, counters, furniture, and flooring. While a variety of modern and eclectic designs are available, you will find many options made to create an antique look and feel for your home—consider stained glass, faded glass, or scratched glass varieties.

Stress the Window Frames

Another awesome option for antiquing your windows is to make their frames look distressed by painting them in a fresh coat and then using a crumbled piece of paper or a rough sponge to rub the paint in up and down strokes just before it fully dries. When it’s ready to be distressed, the paint should be dry to your light touch yet smudgeable when a little elbow grease is used. When wiping the almost dry paint, use such a light touch so that you can barely feel your hand against the frame. Otherwise you may end up with large smudges that look […]