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Plantation Shutters Save On Home Energy Costs!

When summer and winter show up to make it too hot or too cold, the windows go down and heating/cooling bills go up.

The windows are shut. But are they really closed?

Here at Universal Windows we can tell you that it’s estimated up to 30% of a home’s energy cost is lost through doors and windows. That’s a lot of money disappearing into thin air. One estimate is that if all the homes in America are losing 30% of their energy costs this way, it’s the equivalent of losing every drop of oil we receive through the Alaska Pipeline every year.

While homeowners look first to proper insulation in the walls and attic, an often overlooked method of reducing home energy costs is the installation of plantation shutters. Highly efficient and aesthetically pleasing, they add an attractive barrier to heat loss in the winter and cooling cost in the summer.

Quality plantation shutters increase the energy efficiency in a home. While shutters can be made with a variety of materials like vinyl or composites, real wood shutters from O’Hair are the best. Real wood is a natural insulator and have the best strength-to-weight ratio.

What kind of energy savings can a homeowner expect? “Quality wood plantation shutters have an R-value between 2.77 and 3.17. R-value measures the degree to which a material can resist heat flow. It’s estimated that plantation shutters can cut your energy costs by $200 per year or more. That may not sound like much, but everyone can use an extra $200. Especially when that money is in their pocket instead of disappearing in to thin air.

Homeowners appreciate the multiple benefits of O’Hair plantation shutters. Lisa is a professional artist in Phoenix, Arizona. She purchased her […]

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Don’t Throw Your Money Out The Window!

When remodeling our homes, we want to save money. The temptation to spend as little as possible is ever present. Overall, frugality is a good approach in life. Yet there are areas where spending less in a remodel today will cost us more later. And later is never a convenient time to make corrections. Because later corrections are expensive corrections.

When it comes to your home remodel, windows are an area where spending more now will cost you less later.

Todd and Brooke live in Lubbock, Texas. They bought a true “fixer upper” on the lake. Says Todd, “With all the things that had to be fixed, a saving grace of our fixer upper house is that the previous owner had installed beautiful vinyl replacement windows. Energy efficient, they open to the inside for easy cleaning. If it hadn’t been for these windows, we would have passed on the house.”


Windows are a remodel project where we are wise to spend more than less.

Lori Lynn has designed and built several homes in West Texas. “The first home I built I went cheap on the windows thinking it wouldn’t make that big a difference. Custom windows that fit the home would have cost less in the long run because the windows I put in had to be replaced less than ten years later at a much higher price.”

What window material is best?


The most common materials for windows are vinyl, wood and aluminum. Vinyl is a great choice as they are much easier to fit. Vinyl windows can now be ordered in a variety of colors and they never have to be sanded or painted because the finish runs through the entire product. They are also resistant to fade from sun […]

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New video shows what kind of shutters you can expect for $16.50/sq. ft.

Just posted a new video depicting a case study of a cheap shutter job. Remember the Seinfeld where George’s girlfriend had the botched nose-job and he couldn’t look at her?? Well, this was worse!

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O’Hair Shutters Introduces Exterior Plantation Shutters

O’Hair Shutters™ introduced their latest product recently- a plantation shutter constructed entirely of heat treated lumber! The heat treating process cooks all of the natural sugars out of the wood making it inedible to insects and fungi and almost impervious to water! One cool side-effect is that the wood becomes a chocolate brown so that when coated with a sealer, it becomes a rich mahogany color. This will make a great addition to outdoor kitchens and patios. More info to come soon!

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Universal Window Coverings Debuts its Consumer’s Guide

Everything you didn’t know you didn’t know about shutters! No excuse now for buying junky window coverings- this little booklet shows you everything to ask and/or look for in your quest for good quality and value in plantation shutters. Click the link below to see the press release.

Universal Window Coverings Debuts its Consumer’s Guide

Potential buyers should delay their shutter purchase until after they’ve had a chance to read this free guide.

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