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Before and After

Here are a few interesting “Before and After” shots of jobs we’ve done to better give you a perspective of some of the challenges we had to overcome. It’s our goal to make the plantation shutters seamless with the rest of the house.

These windows can sometimes be problematic with regards to the framing since the arch isn’t the same width as the shutters below. Also, note how we transitioned the chair rail into the sides of the shutter casing.

On this window, the built-in shelf actually encroaches into the window and was further complicated by the fact that the lower cabinet projected even more into the window opening. We solved this by putting in a wood filler to give us a straight line to mount the shutters to. As you can see in the second picture, everything is on the same plane, is proportional and looks natural, not retro-fitted.

This and the next set of pictures are of the same job. Here, the customer wanted a shutter that would include the upper arches with the lower rectangular windows- no easy task since there was 5″ of sheetrock separating the two. We built out the frames and added 5″ divider rails to hide the sheetrock. Now, unless you actually open the shutters, you’d never be able to tell they were two separate windows.

Again, but in the kitchen, These are 5-1/4″ Horizon plantation shutters from O’Hair. Fully open, you have a totally unobstructed view. Notice how the divider rail totally hides the drywall.