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Consumer’s Guide to Plantation Shutters

First Time Plantation Shutter Buyers

Chances are that most people shopping for new  plantation shutters for their home are first time buyers.  And even more importantly, they are uninformed by no fault of their own.  It can be a complex industry full of every type of shutter imaginable.  There is everything from low-end “do-it-yourself” shutters to extremely high-end shutters that might even require yearly maintenance.

This being said, what is a consumer to do in order to successfully and happily navigate their shutter purchase?  The simplest answer is to become an informed consumer.  While many companies will “educate” their customer, it is usually an education skewed towards that company’s specific product and services.

Our Free Plantation Shutters Buying Guide

At Universal Window Coverings, we just don’t think that’s fair.  Even more so, if you have to educate your customer on just your products and services, what does that say about your products and services?  Not much, huh!

This is why we have written what we feel is the most extensive, informative, and non-biased consumer’s guide to plantation shutters available to date.  Even more so, you don’t have to necessarily be a future client of ours, although we would love that, you just have to want to learn more about our primary passion…plantation shutters!

Get A Copy Of Our Free Guide

So, if you would like to learn more about plantation shutters and what to look for when purchasing them, whether from us or someone else, just click on the link below and start reading about the right way to buy plantation shutters.

Download the Free Guide

You can view our Consumer’s Guide to Plantation Shutters by clicking here.  If you want to download it, right-click that link and select “save target as”.