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Questions About Plantation Shutters?

Found your website and shutter guide extremely helpful, do you guys service the Austin area, if not do you have any company you would recommend?

Yes, we go just about anywhere, although unless it’s an entire house full of shutters it would probably be more economical to call Austin Window Fashions. They are also O’Hair dealers- very reputable and do nice work.

What kind of warranty do you offer?

Your new shutters are covered by a Limited Transferable Warranty. For more information please Click Here.

How are the shutters finished?

The shutter components of paint-grade shutters are first coated with 3 layers of a UV-cured primer and sanded smooth prior to assembly; once they arrive at our shop, we further detail them by spackling, spot priming and sanding any imperfections. A multi-coating of oil-based enamel is applied when all is ready. Stain-grade shutters undergo a similar 4-step process culminating in several layers of lacquer top-coat resulting in a rich, deep luster.

Do you carry a shutter that doesn't have a center control rod?

Yes. It’s called Horizon and is available in 3″, 4″ and 5″ louver spacing. It’s unique in that its control rods are located on both sides of the louvers so that when it’s fully closed it effectively eliminates any light leakage that would normally occur where the louver connects to the side stiles. Click Here for more info and to see a picture of one.

What is the maximum width that you can build a single shutter panel?

O’Hair now offers panels up to 50″ in width! Can’t figure out what it will look like once it’s installed? Go to the Shutter Designer page and see for yourself. You’ll be able to design a shutter any way you like and see what it looks like before you buy.

Are your plantation shutters made from hardwood?

Yes. Our shutters are made of White Poplar which is kiln dried, in-house, for 4-6 months. It is then “ripped and flipped”, edge-glued and laminated for strength and stability. All of the components are made from this stock. As a result, we simply don’t have any issues with warpage and the panels are super-strong. Take a tour of the O’Hair plant and see how they’re made!

Do you build the shutters yourselves?

No… And yes. Our square shutters and sunbursts are made by O’Hair Shutters™ in Lubbock, Texas; however, for specialty shapes, we either modify their shutters or build them from scratch.

What areas do you service?

We’ll go just about anywhere although trip charges may be applicable for jobs outside of a 30 mile radius.

Do you offer dealer/designer pricing programs? if so, what are requirements and pricing?

Yes we do. In order to qualify, you must have an established business and satisfy certain credit requirements.